Car Forensics (Mobile. Auto. Service.)

Car Forensics (Mobile. Auto. Service.)
Shelby Seely
(360) 771-6984

I repair all kinds of car trouble. If something is broke on your car or your check engine light is on, there is a good chance I have experience fixing it. I work on everything from Hot Rods to Hybrids. I am a firm believer in using factory issued parts for fitment and longevity. I fix your car at your house and show the entire process to you from beginning to end and document the entire repair with many pictures.

I am a certified emission specialist in the state of Washington. I am also a certified ASE mechanic. I am current on Engine Diagnostics, Electrical, and Engine Performance. I have 16 years experience restoring automobiles in the Vancouver area. I have 12 years experience fixing military Aircraft. I hold degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Applied Science, and Aviation Maintenance Technology.

Engine related parts I replace:
Starters, Alternators, Batteries, Sensors, Tune up related parts, EGR related failures, All check engine light codes.

Chassis related parts I repair:
Power options including fixing door window regulators and motors, horns, fans, door locks, power mirrors, heated seats, courtesy chimes ect. (Anything with switches, relays, fuses and loads in the circuit)
Instrumentation including Tachometers, speedometers, odometers and all engine gauges such as temp, oil pressure, gas level ect.
Air bag installation and SRS unit resets on Honda and Acuras
I rectify almost all interior issues like broken door handles, seat problems, lights not working ect. Anything inside your car that has missing or defective parts.

Services I offer:
Driveability troubleshooting
Used Vehicle inspections
Hire me to come with you when you buy a used car so I can inspect the vehicle while you take care everything else.

  • Car Forensics (Mobile. Auto. Service.)

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Car Forensics (Mobile. Auto. Service.)