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Changes on how we network at Professional Connections. We will network before and after the zoom meeting.

Our Last meeting we were Zoom Bombed by crude speaking interlopers. Our next meetings will include the password, and a waiting room. Logging in will start you in a waiting room and the host then will screen participants.

Professional Connection Meets on Zoom.com  Mondays at 12:00
Join in for networking at 11:45
Presentation at Noon
Followed by Elevator Speeches, Always Something Inspiring or Funny,  Announcements, Event Promotion
Go to www.zoom.com
Click on Join a Meeting
Enter 809-245-6202
Enter Password 311397 if prompted

June 1 Presentation

Facilitated by Brad Jackson
How are you organized as a business? You could talk about Sole Proprieter, Corporation Structure, but share with us your unique operation.

Has your operation changed?

This will be a completely interactive presentation.

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